About us

Findia Spółka z o.o. is a member of a corporate group specialising in insurance, cyber security and IT services.

We are a coverholder at Lloyd's (Lloyd's Insurance Company S.A., HDU 5303, Bastion Tower, Marsveldplein 5, 1050 Brussels, Belgium), registered with number 111249HJC.

In accordance with Polish law, we are entered into the register of insurance agents (RAU) maintained by the Polish Financial Supervision Authority (KNF) in Warsaw. Lloyd's coverholders in Poland are also supervised by the Lloyd's Poland office (Lloyd’s Polska Sp. z o.o., ul. Emili Plater 53, 00-113 Warszawa).

Coverholder at Lloyd's

Benefits of working with Findia:

  • Expert customer assistance

    At a customer’s request, our staff will accompany the insurance broker or agent during the meeting with the customer, ready to answer any questions about cyber insurance and security.

  • Full support and a sense of security

    As we process claims exclusively through a network of local domestic suppliers, we guarantee that claimants receive effective assistance and their loss is mitigated to the extent possible.

  • Expert intermediaries with broad insurance expertise

    We have created a comprehensive development programme for Findia's affiliated insurance brokers and agents, which includes professional courses, workshops, webinars and meetings with top experts across different lines of insurance business.

  • Access to a reliable source of cyber protection knowledge for your business

    In addition to offering cyber insurance, we can recommend what cyber security changes should be introduced in your organisation to minimize the risk of an incident.

  • 15

    15 years of the market presence as a corporate group of providers of specialist insurance solutions

  • 24/7

    24/7 access to our claims centre

  • 10,000

    10 000 customers we worked with over the last 15 years

  • 1,500

    1500 affiliated intermediaries covering all regions of Poland