While establishing Findia and launching our first insurance products, we started with... claims settlement. We have engaged trustworthy Polish claims handling providers, thanks to whom we now have the capability to effectively deal with the most complex claims.

The understanding of customers’ needs is vital for the proper settlement of their claims. We share our expertise with intermediaries and customers to ensure effective claims handling.

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The claims settlement process is coordinated by our Cyber Security Center , or CSC.

Cyber Security Center

Submit a claim

You can submit your claim over the phone, by email or by completing our online form.

How to notify a claim?
  • Collect relevant information
    • your policy number; name of the insured; name, surname and contact details (phone number and/or e-mail address) of the claimant
    • a detailed description of the event giving rise to the claim, including, for example:
      1. the date on which the event was detected and the date on which the event (most likely) occurred;
      2. description of causes, actions, errors pointing to the occurrence of a loss;
      3. If a personal information security breach has occurred, please describe the nature of the breach;
    • Is there a risk that the media will be informed of the breach?
    • Is there a direct risk of further loss or wider dissemination of data? If so, what measures have been taken to remedy the loss?
    • What is the estimated value of the Loss and its impact on the insured's business?
  • Submit a claim

    You submit your claim so we can verify the insured and learn about the key circumstances of the cyber event, which allows the breach response manager (appointed in the next phase of the process) to effectively deal with the situation.

    Our team is ready to handle your enquiries 24/7. You can contact us on the phone, via email or our online contact form.

  • What happens next?

    Immediately after we receive the required information, your dedicated breach response manager will contact you to guide you through the claims settlement process. The manager’s job is to:

    • get a grasp of the nature of the cyber incident and delegate specialist service providers to assist your company,
    • ensure the proper communication between the insured and claims handling partners,
    • coordinate all actions, which includes settlement of costs.

Claims settlement process

  • Cyber incident

    The insured
  • Incident response

    24/7 Cyber Security Center


    Incident manager

    Incident response services

    • Legal services
    • Notification
    • Forensic investigation
    • Crisis communication
    • Technical consulting
  • Post-incident services


    First party damages

    • Resource restoration
    • Data recovery
    • Extortion
    • Business interruption
    • E-theft
    • Social engineering scam

    First party damages

    • Payment of claims
    • Litigation
    • Regulatory penalties
  • Restoring business balance