Cyber protection

We can improve the cyber security of your company at every stage of the cyber protection cycle presented below. Support may take form of commercial consulting services (in the area of law and technology), insurance or a package combining the consulting services and insurance coverage.

Following an assessment of the company-specific risks, we can present recommendations concerning the above solutions. Our services can be divided into three groups:

Comprehensive cyber security for the company - three groups of services Comprehensive cyber security for the company - three groups of services

Stage 1

Identification of assets and risks


While preparing the insurance proposal, we evaluate the cyber security of the customer’s business to identify areas in which improved security features should be put in place. If needed, we recommend the implementation of measures improving the cyber security of your organisation. You may either decide to comply with the minimum Findia standards or choose to bring your company’s cyber resilience to the next level. An action taken to reducecyber, risks may result in special premium discounts. Whichever you choose, you will have full coverage.

Stage 2



Findia offers the most extensive range of cyber protection solutions on the Polish market. Regardless of the size of your organization or the industry in which you operate, you have the opportunity to obtain genuinely effective insurance coverage. Our cyber protection package will improve the cyber security of your business. The key element of the package, a cyber insurance policy, is activated when a cyber incident occurs, which can happen even to the best protected organisation.
You can learn more about cyber coverage from the „Cyber protection” tab of this website.

Stage 3



In Findia we do our best to help you minimise the likelihood of significant cyber events in your organisation. We also understand that the strength of our cyber policy is determined by the quality of the services we offer to handle an actual cyber incident. Therefore, while designing our solutions, we made sure to create an effective claims handling process. A crucial part of this process is the services provided by Polish claims settlement experts, ready to respond quickly and accurately. Another key element of claims settlement is the dedicated Incident Manager assigned to each claimant immediately after the claim is reported. To find out more about claims settlement and the role of Breach Response Manager, open the „Claims” tab.