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Professional Liability and Cyber insurance for IT Specialists.

  • Safe contracts
  • Worldwide protection
  • Cyber risk cover
  • Specialists’ support

Your benefits

  • Safecontracts

    We provide legal representation and cover costs of claims arising from the contract (financial losses, contractual penalties)

  • Cyber riskcover

    We will cover the costs related to cyber incidents you can cause at your clients

  • Worldwideprotection

    The policy protects your contracts and helps you solve cyber incidents around the world

  • Specialists’support

    Law firms, forensic and security specialists, PR support - you can count on their help

Osoba sprawdzająca na laptopie ubezpieczenia OC zawodowe i cyber

I need protection

If you’re a self-employed person who doesn’t have any employees and perform work / assignments for third parties who take responsibility for your work, our professional and cyber liability insurance is just for you.

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Golden Standard

We are the representative of Lloyd’s, the largest specialist Insurer in the world, rated A+ by worlds’ biggest rating agencies. The international standard of protection provided by Lloyd's will satisfy the requirements of your most demanding clients.

  • Professional liability Insurance

    Professional liability Insurance for IT companies - covers damage caused to third parties as a result of your professional activities for which you are legally responsible.

  • Third Party Cyber Insurance

    Third Party Cyber Insurance - we will pay compensation on your behalf if you cause cyber incident at your clients, breach privacy rights or disclose non-public information of your clients.


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    The whole world excluding USA and Canada
    The whole world
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    The sum insured is the upper limit to which the Insurer is responsible. In other words, it is the maximum amount of compensation that can be paid out of Findia Tech & Cyber insurance - from all 3 sections combined.

    When choosing the sum insured, consider not only the amount of your company's revenues, but also the real value of contractual penalties from contracts, regulatory penalties, the cost of external companies (law firms, IT specialists) employed by the Insurer to remove the effects of cyber damage.

    You can find more information on how to choose the Insurance sum correctly.

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    1. If you have not had previous professional liability insurance policies and would like to add a retroactive date for the entire scope of insurance, please contact us.
      • You employ employees and take responsibility for the full implementation of contracts. Go to the offer for "IT companies"

      • You earn more? Go to the offer for "IT companies"

        1. Your software / systems are patched regularly, and only supported versions of software are used
        2. You protect all of your devices with anti-virus, anti-malware, and/or endpoint protection software
        3. You always work under written or electronic contract
        4. You encrypt all sensitive data that is physically removed from your premises by laptop, mobile/ portable devices, USB or other means
        5. You are not aware of any circumstance or occurrences which may give rise to a claim a type being the subject of this proposal for Insurance
        6. No insurer ever cancelled, declined, refused to renew or required an increased rate or special conditions in respect of your own or your predecessor(s)’s firm(s)’s insurance.
    Your personal data controller is Findia Sp. z o.o. with its registered office in Warsaw (02-715) ul. Puławska 145. The controller appoints a Data Protection Officer (IOD) with whom you can contact at the controller's postal address, via e-mail address:, in all matters regarding the processing of personal data and the use of rights related to the processing of personal data. Information, including personal data, provided to Findia Sp. z o.o. will be stored by Findia Sp. z o.o. only in connection with the conclusion and performance of the insurance contract. The transfer of personal data and the authorization process, if used, is done using a secure SSL protocol.
    Privacy Policy Findia Sp. z o.o. is available at

    Frequently asked questions

    • What’s Lloyd’s?

      It is the largest specialist insurer in the world operating on global markets for over 300 years. The brand operates in several dozen countries through the so-called coverholders, i.e. companies authorized to create insurance products. Due to Brexit, since January 2019 Lloyd’s operates throughout the European Union under the name Lloyd’s Insurance Company S.A. based in Brussels.

    • What insurance sum should I choose?

      When choosing the sum insured, consider the real value of contractual penalties from contracts, potential administrative penalties of regulators, the cost of external companies (law firms, IT specialists), possible claims for damages of persons or companies for causing cyber incidents. If you work on international markets, especially on the US market, take into account that legal and specialist costs are several times higher than in the countries of Central Europe.

    • Can I pay for the insurance by credit card?

      Not yet, we're working on launching credit card payments.

    • What is the difference between your product and competitive products?

      By creating our product, we tried to provide a wide scope of protection, maximally simplified way of concluding insurance and a reasonable price. All this with the support of local specialist claims handling partners.

    • Can your insurance be bought out by a contractor with registered address outside of Poland?

      Unfortunately purchase through the website is not possible, please contact us directly or through your broker.

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