We understand IT

Findia PI & Cyber insurance is dedicated to technology companies that expect:

  • an international standard of protection
  • combining professional and cyber liability insurance
  • meeting the contractual requirements of companies from around the world
  • simplicity of concluding insurance and the security of information flow

What do you gain thanks to the PI & Cyber policy

  • Meeting contractual requirements

    Thanks to the Findia policy, you will meet the contractual requirements of even the most demanding international clients.

  • Risk management

    An unbiased assessment of IT security and recommendations will allow you to better protect your company against potential threats.

  • Highest quality guarantee

    The insurer is Lloyd's, with a global (A +) rating, proving the strength and credibility of the brand

  • Safecontracts

    Financing of IT companies' professional liability claims and third-party cyber claims

Osoba sprawdzająca na laptopie ubezpieczenia OC zawodowe i cyber

Choose one of the packages that interest you

Optimal Package

The package allows you to meet the contractual requirements of even the most demanding customers.
Scope of insurance:

  • Professional Indemnity
  • Third Party Cyber

Full Package

Additionally, it provides protection against cyber self-harm for companies that meet high security requirements.
Scope of insurance:

  • Professional Indemnity
  • First Party Cyber
  • Third Party Cyber

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Golden Standard

We are the representative of Lloyd’s, the largest specialist Insurer in the world, rated A+ by worlds’ biggest rating agencies. The international standard of protection provided by Lloyd's will satisfy the requirements of your most demanding clients.

Professional liability Insurance

Professional liability Insurance for IT companies - covers damage caused to third parties as a result of your professional activities for which you are legally responsible.

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General liability (Public liability)

We will pay claims under the policy and cover the legal costs if, in connection with the performance of professional IT activities, you cause personal or property damage to your client.

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First Party Cyber Insurance

First Party Cyber Insurance - we will provide you with protection and cover costs in the event of personal damage in connection with cyber events.

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Third Party Cyber Insurance

Third Party Cyber Insurance - we will pay compensation on your behalf if you cause cyber incident at your clients, breach privacy rights or disclose non-public information of your clients.

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Frequently asked questions

  • What territorial scope should you choose?

    The choice of the territorial scope to be covered by the insurance coverage should depend on which clients your company cooperates with, in which paradise their business is registered.
    For example, if you are working with a UK client, you should select the world area outside the USA and Canada.

  • Can I get an invoice for my policy?

    No, the policy itself is an accounting document, it has the features of an invoice.

  • What insurance sum should I choose?

    When choosing the sum insured, consider the real value of contractual penalties from contracts, potential administrative penalties of regulators, the cost of external companies (law firms, IT specialists), possible claims for damages of persons or companies for causing cyber incidents. If you work on international markets, especially on the US market, take into account that legal and specialist costs are several times higher than in the countries of Central Europe.

  • What’s Lloyd’s?

    It is the largest specialist insurer in the world operating on global markets for over 300 years. The brand operates in several dozen countries through the so-called coverholders, i.e. companies authorized to create insurance products. Due to Brexit, since January 2019 Lloyd’s operates throughout the European Union under the name Lloyd’s Insurance Company S.A. based in Brussels.